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Bjørk are proud to announce that we are now official Wilfa retailers. Read more about their amazing products here!

In the Nordic countries we love coffee, and in the center stands the coffee brewee. It is the first device we turn to when we wake up in the morning and the last thing we turn off before we go to bed . For many, the day's first cup of coffee is almost an religious ritual.

Wilfa knows their coffee. During the past 50 years , Wilfa have made ​​millions of small and large coffee moments. They have seen the development 'in trends , from big mug with "World's Best Dad " printed, to the cups with words in Italian. But here , as in all other trends , the pendulum has swung back , 'and more and more people have rediscovered the origin.

Now we have developed our own coffee series we call Wilfa Black. We have put all our knowledge , enthusiasm and passion into this and have Teamed up with Tim Wendelboe , one of the world's most influential , uncompromising and winning baristas . The result is a coffee machines that replicate and represent "Nordic coffee. "

Wilfa´s newest model is called Black Precision . It is a natural development of the Nordic way to brew coffee. According to the black coffee comeback, it has been an increased focus on raw material quality and precision during the brewing process. Black Precision reflects both trends strong , thoughtful and modern brew. With a temperature stability unique to the market and a myriad of small improvements leads to better and more consistent coffee brewing.

Focus on the correct temperature throughout the brewing process. For the water to extract ( contact time between the water and coffee ) " coffee " from coffee beans , the temperature must be at exactly 94 ° C Unlike many other coffee makers, Wilfa Black Precision give this temperature from the first to the last drop. This gives the best taste experience.

Always clean tap water! In a traditional coffee brewer procedure is often like this: You use the empty brew carafe to pour water into the water tank. For each microscopy Norwegian coffee residue remaining after previous use (it is the oil from the coffee that gets stuck in the mug) will your brew be slightly flavored by old coffee. After a while , the new coffee taste old coffee.

That's why Black Precision har made a detachable water tank to fill horizontally into and Black Manual kettle that never needs to be filled with something other than water .

Good coffee is not reserved for a few . Good coffee is the relationship between quality ingredients and precise brewing. Remember to weigh up the freshly ground coffee and always use fresh water.

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