New coffee from Indonesia & Ethiopia

Like the Nordic seasons who are changing 4 times a year, we are trying to introduce new coffee´s every season. This quarter we are introducing one from Indonesia & one from Ethiopia.

Blawan Java

This coffee is from Asia, more specifically; Java - Indonesia. Java is one of the oldest commercial coffee producing regions. The first plantations were started by the Dutch in 1699. Coffee is so identified with Java that the name has entered our language as a synonym for the word coffee itself.
Blawan is one of the four major government owned coffee plantations on Java.
It is locataed on the ljen plateau, a place with the elevation, volcanic soils, rainfall and temperature range necessary to grow some very good coffee. Over the years they ́ve concentrated on shade growing and have begun to plant orange trees among the coffee shrubs. Recently they have even started cultivating strawberries, all to enrich the taste of the coffee bean.
In most respects, Blawan produces what could be called “typical” Java coffee. It is both very rich in body and very low in acidity.

Indonesia is the fourth largest producer of coffee in the world. Coffee in Indonesia began with its colonial history, and has played an important part in the growth
of the country. Indonesia produced 420.000 metric tons of coffee in 2007. Of
this total, 271.000 tons were exported and 148.000 tons were consumed domeztically.

Taste: Clean, sweet, nutty, medium body & intensity.
Process: Washed

Konga Yirgacheffe

A amazing Yirgacheffe is this season coffee from Ethiopia. The famous Ethiopian Yirgacheffe bean is often a favourite amongst coffee adicts around the world.
All cooperatives in Ethiopia belong to a Union that is seller and exporter of the coffee. They also take care of dry milling and grading before export. Most Yirgacheffe cooperatives belongs to the Yirgacheffe coffee growers cooperative union.

In general Ethiopian coffee is considered to be mild in its amount of pungency and does not have the acidity of the Kenyan coffee. Ethiopian coffee is often compared to Arabian Mocha coffee and indeed the coffee plans of both regions are thought to share a common origin.

Excess roasting is considered very bad for the coffee possibly destroying its character, though some still prefer darker roasts. The premium quality wet processed Ethiopian coffees, including Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, gets very high prices on the world market.

Ethiopia accounts for around 3% of the global market coffee market. Coffee is important to the economy of Ethiopia, around 60% of foreign income comes from coffee.

Taste: Spicy, bergamot, hints of floral black tea, jasmine, rosehip & lemon.
Process: Pulped & wet fermented, soaked in water & sun dried.

Both these coffee´s are roasted at amazing Jacu.


All the best


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