Birch syrup

Early Saturday morning the Bjørk team went up for a inspection of the Birch forest of forest owner Børge Sylte. Bjørk´s "top secret" project, which we have been working on behind the scenes, is some golden sweet drops of an exclusive syrup.

Birch syrup is not very known, especially not outside the "syrup country" Cananda. But it is for sure something special, and when you try it you know why. This is NOT like maple syrup, it is light and rich and a explotion of taste all at once. When it comes to birch syrup a little goes a long way. The flavour of birch syrup is much richer then mapple syrup. 

Birch syrup is a painstaking struggle to produce. Because birch trees strive in a Northern climate, the tapping season is only 3-4 weeks a year. It also take 100-120 liters birch sap to produce one liter birch syrup, more than doubled of mapple syrup!
This is what makes birch syrup so exclusive! 

John from Bjørk with forest owner Børge Sylte. 


Stay tuned this spring for our progress on this exciting project!




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